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The First Two Miles


I walked the two-mile circuit through my neighborhood for over 4 years, nearly every day, before deciding to bring my camera along.  And I was shamed into that by seeing a woman pushing a baby stroller with a camera hanging on the side.  I AM a photographer, I thought.   I should carry my camera with me.  But … in my boring neighborhood? 

Of course, once I brought my camera along I began to see more and to see differently.  I had no agenda other than to take pictures of whatever caught my interest.  And what began to catch my interest were subjects I had never even noticed before - bits and pieces, relationships, clues. 

I’ve now logged over 500 miles with my camera and my two dogs.  The images simmered for months before I started to browse through them.  And now, after nearly a year, they are beginning to blend together to form a concoction I never imagined when I started.

The First Two Miles has become a study of exteriors, of facades and what those public veneers reveal of the lives behind them.  Built over a framework of the changing seasons, the story of this Louisiana neighborhood, and our early morning walks through it, has begun to emerge.

This is the first chapter of what I expect will be a long term project.

Click here to see a few of the images.